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We’ve all experienced unreturned calls, uninformed brokers and boats that don’t come as advertised. Instead of Yacht Brokers spending so much time trying to fake it, wouldn’t it make more sense to  just do things the right way?  

That’s the way we see it, at least. 
In fact, ‘the right way’ should be the only way. That means doing more than simply posting your yacht on a social media site. That means doing more than asking you how many hours are on the engine or the last time you had the bottom painted.

Simply put, our job is to identify and match yachts with the kinds of experiences that our buyers and sellers want to have.  When you work with Sea Change, no detail is overlooked and no experience is underestimated. 

Sea Change does everything the other guys do and then takes it to the next level.  Not only will we put together a comprehensive listing for your boat to place on the major sites, but we’ll also put together an aggressive social media campaign to help compliment it.  From there, we'll think outside the box and look to capitalize on non-traditional platforms.  Everything we do comes together to form one, meaningful whole that maximizes the exposure of  your boat and help you achieve the best results possible. 

To uphold that high standard, we rely on three key tenants of our service:

1)  We know boats better than  anyone - making it easier to match the right yacht with the right buyer.

2)  Customer service that’s executed the way it’s supposed to be – by returning calls, emails and all    
       correspondence quickly and efficiently; making sure the entire transaction is as seamless as possible.

3)  Full disclosure that helps you understand the good, the bad and the ugly that may or may not come 
       with the potential sale or purchase of a yacht.                       

Working with us means that you’ll never have to worry about not having questions answered, calls returned or a lack of follow-up.  When you work with SCYS, you’ll never be at a loss for information.  At our core, that is who we are and that’s how brokerage should be done. 

Get ready to experience a Sea Change in how brokerage is done!

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